King's Bush Turkey Solution is only to be used while the mound is in the construction or tending phase. Once the eggs are inside you cannot interfere with the nest. This is law. Look for a hole about half way up. Eggs should be clearly visible. It is to be splashed over the lower reaches of the mound or area that the bush turkey is favouring for its mound e.g. garden mulch and other organic matter.
Also at seasons end and once you are sure no eggs are present it is highly recommended you deconstruct the mound and treat the organic material and redistribute throughout your garden.
While the solution is safe it is very pungent and once on your hand it will smell for quite sometime.
If you have a mound the damage to your garden has probably already been done. You can still ensure his efforts go unrewarded by tainting the mound and making it undesirable to the female.
Easy way to apply solution:
  1. Select organic material from your garden (or reclaim these from the mound) and place in a bucket (lid required)
  2. Splash in a generous amount of KBTS and with lid on shake to coat
  3. With a gloved hand *, remove tainted material from the bucket and redistribute over the garden and allow to dry naturally
This method ensures efficient use of the solution
Our product needs to be warmed prior to use by immersing the unopened bottle in a bucket of hot water for 30 mins or a more popular way is to leave the unopened bottle in direct sunlight on the dashboard of your car or similiar for a couple of hours. Bottle is then retrieved and shaken well, cap removed and the solution is then to be splashed all over the target area. It is not to be applied if rain is forecast within the next 24 hours. The application must be allowed to dry naturally.
The male is determined to build and maintain the mound. By treating the mound you may find he still reluctantly persists however it will be a different story when the female visits. She will not choose this smelly mound and there will be no offspring to return the next season. The male, having failed, will remember his bad experience and consider taking his efforts elsewhere next year.