I arrived home from work one day and to my horror much of my back yard gardens had been turned into one large compost mound by one Bush Turkey. I immediately googled Bush Turkeys, suggestions for ridding myself of a Bush Turkey were few and far between and I tried them all without luck. I then recalled a chance meeting I had with Michael King and I recontacted Michael. He immediately sent me a bottle of Bush Turkey Solution and this was once I was convinced of its ingredients which fortunately are all natural.

I followed the simple instructions to prepare the solution which were leave in a sink of hot water for 20 minutes ; shake the bottle very well and apply evenly over the whole mound. I applied in the morning by the time I arrived home that afternoon from work there was no sign of the Bush Turkey. To date I have never seen a Bush Turkey on our property again this was over six months ago since I applied this solution.

I strongly recommend the use of Kings Bush Turkey Solution : It's harmless to the Bush Turkey ; Harmless to human beings ; It has an odour, although I could not smell from a distance greater than three metres from where I applied it.

Simon Sweeney

For ages we had been driven mad by confounded scrub turkeys who uprooted new plants & constantly dug around the roots of others, leaving these plants exposed to the sun & death! Thanks to your fantastic solution the turkeys are now by-passing our gardens & we no longer have to do a daily turkey patrol to replant our garden. Your product has now been promoted to our neighbours & garden club.