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King's Bush Turkey Solution is not a repellent.

It is made from a combination of plant oils and herbs and spices.

Our solution has been developed as a means of tainting, by way of smell, the organic materials the bird is gathering to build its mound.

The bird is very selective when it comes to building the breeding mound and all has to be perfect for the visiting female to eventually select the mound for her eggs. By treating the mound and treating and redistributing some of the material he has already selected you will send a message to the bird that this area is not a good area to build a mound and he will desist from building the mound. He will most likely remain in the area for up to 10 days foraging for food but once the food supply is exhausted he will move on and begin his endeavours elsewhere.

KBTS will help avoid the the worst case scenario of creating a breeding mound as this will only ensure more of the same behaviour next breeding season.