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King's Bush Turkey Solution is an all-natural deterrent developed to gently persuade the male Brush turkey to desist from sourcing his material from treated areas and to taint the material already sourced which now forms the mound. It also deters the female from scratching around your favourite garden beds looking for food and other things.

It is made from a combination of a natural plant oil and common herbs and spices.

Left to dry naturally, it works by way of smell with the oil giving the application increased resilience and the ability to hold on to the other ingredients. Best results 2 - 7 days.

The male Brush Turkey begins building the mound from organic material available in the immediate area. Once complete this mound will heat up as it decomposes. The male will tend the mound and add and remove material as required in order to maintain the correct temperature. He hopes his efforts will attract a female who will grant her approval by depositing her eggs within. Once the eggs are within the nest the nest temperature will be regulated still by the male until hatching. The chicks must fend for themselves from the day they hatch.